To request maintenance, please send an email to maintenance@nybridge.com or call us at 718-349-9700.
Belvedere Management LLC provides a wide range of building upkeep and maintenance services including but not limited to:

Building management is performed by Belvedere Management LLC, a separate entity from Belvedere Bridge Enterprises, Inc., on the following buildings:
214 Calyer Street
212 Eckford Street
216 Eckford Street
218 Eckford Street
219 Eckford Street
184 Frost Street
218 Frost Street
208 Grand Street
151 Green Street
182 Huron Street
199 Huron Street
158 India Street
184 India Street
185 India Street
186 India Street
61 Java Street
137 Java Street
150 Java Street
175 Java Street
208 Java Street
155 Newell Street